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Lunchmate Club™

How to get cool stuff

Hey Kids!

There’s nothing better than opening your lunch and discovering that Mom or Dad has packed the awesome fun of Schneiders® Lunchmate®! Not only do you get a great lunch, but also a chance to redeem cool rewards. Lunchmate Club™ is the coolest place to be because this is where your favourite meals can get you the latest and greatest rewards!


  1. Register or login as a Lunchmate Club™ member with your username and password.
  2. Find the 16-character code number printed on the back of your Schneiders® Lunchmate® package or on the PIN code insert (found only in Lunchmate® + Fruit varieties).
  3. Enter each PIN into your online Lunchmate Club™ account to receive the designated amount of Lunchmate Bucks®. All PIN codes have an expiration date.
  4. Start surfing the site to pick your free cool rewards!

The more Lunchmate Bucks® you save, the more reward choices you have. Choose stuff from your favourite gift cards/certificates, Crayola®, Hasbro™ and more! Don’t forget to keep checking the Rewards section because you will continue to find new and exciting items for you to choose from!

Enjoy checking out the cool rewards!

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